Amaal, hopes were in the air


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Amal which means “hope” in Arabic is a young kitten who was brought to our doorstep in a box. Due to extreme dehydration her voice sounded nothing like a cat and I was hesitating to open the box. She was dirty, skinny and crying non stop.

My first thought was panleukopenia, a deadly virus. I rushed her to the vet as quick as possible as they were about to close. Good news were that she didn’t seem to have that virus. But there is always still a risk that it could be in incubation time. The bad news were that she had an accident that caused her immediate blindness.

So we realized that she was crying because she panicked not being able to see and she was not able to find food and water for a very long time. She was just skin and bones.

We built her up and we did everything possible to restore her eyesight. We did an MRI as well but unfortunately there is nothing we can do to treat her blindness and we can only hope and pray for a miracle. Her eyes are not damaged and she reacts to light.

With good quality food she might be able to see one day. Her story touched millions of people and she got so much support and so many adoption requests. We have someone in mind for her but we noticed the special bond she created with one of my other cats. They are inseparable while Amal doesn’t like all other cats at all. She is a fearless and very active little girl. We are so proud to see her coping fine with her condition and getting more confident day by day.

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