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Skye, can cats fall from the skye?


Rescued from the highway. Her legs could not be saved but disability should not prevent you from being happy ❤️##rescuecat ##catsofdubai ##adoptdontshop

♬ Broken Angel – Junona Boys

Skye is a beautiful girl who was found in the middle of a super crowded highway. I stoped immediately and took her to the vet. She was paralyzed but luckily no internal bleedings. She is such a stunning cat and I cannot understand how she ended up on a highway. She cannot jump but she can be very fast and she is all in all a happy and active cat. I found a home for her in Scotland and she is now sister to one more cat and one dog. Getting updates from the adopter makes my day all the time. The bond she created especially with the dog is so beautiful to watch.

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